Theme jade peony

The light portion, Yang, is male, heaven, sun, light, vigor, penetration, dragon, monad, azure color, mountains and odd numbers. The dark half, Yin, represents the female, earth, moon, dark, quiescence, absorption, tiger, orange color, duad, valleys and even numbers.

Theme jade peony

Crickets are known for their combating spirit and courage. They are used in a game; caught and confronted with each other to fight though the game seldom ended tragically by a loss of life or limb. They are the symbol of courage and the symbol of summer. Filial piety; known to take care of its elderly disabled parents Crows, both in black or white-necked, are found in large numbers in China.

Crow, the name is an indicator of the raucous sound it makes. The red or golden crow with three feet is known to be a dweller of the Sun and it is the symbol of filial piety; known to take care of its elderly disabled parents.

The white-winged raven—as known in China—is in fact an omen of evil, because of its harsh crow sound like ka, the word for bite in Chinese. The cawing of a crow to the south at 3 and 7 AM is felicitous; at 7 and 11 AM portends wind and rain.

Symbol for beauty, cosmetic and medicinal properties,emblem of the fair sex The miniature Chinese cherries are too sour to eat but can be made into preserves with honey.

However the tree, its leaves, roots, branches, flowers, and pips being astringent are known to have cosmetic and medicinal properties. The cherry tree has become the symbol for beauty; poets sing of it rich color of ruby and sapphire. The famous beauty, Fan Su, the concubine of the poet Po Chu-I, with her brilliant red lips comparable to that of the color of the cherry has become the well known emblem of the fair sex.

Symbol of immortality and longevity The deer is the only animal that can find the sacred fungus of immortality and has therefore become the symbol of longevity. Chinese people eat harts-horn in large quantities at a great expense to prolong their life.

Theme jade peony

Symbol of fidelity - 11 in the Chinese Zodiac sign chart The dog is much valued for its fidelity. Chinese people believe that if a strange dog follows one it means that it is a good omen and the person shall attain great wealth.

The oldest representation of dogs is engraved on a bronze vase in the Field Museum of Chinese Pottery. Carvings of dogs were made out of jade well before the Christian era.

Small Pekingese dogs were the favorite, but tinier the dogs the more they were favored. The person born during this time will possess the best traits in human nature.

Their main virtue being loyalty, the dog person will be there to aid friends and loved ones every time without fail. They possess great sensitivity and empathy for others, especially if there is an injustice that has occurred.

Nature Inspired Names for Dogs & Cats

These people are honest, intelligent, and straightforward -not afraid to take on responsibility. The year of the dog personality can sometimes be selfish and stubborn. When they are out of balance they tend to be fault finding with sharp words.

The following are year of the dog: Courageous and fierce, symbol for engery and valor; protector The Buddhist lion is a recurring symbol in Chinese art and legend. The Empress Tzu Hsi laid down the rule: The Lion Dog shall have short legs not to wander far off, body like that of a hunting dog, lively and pompous yet, timid to avoid danger; the color golden sable like a lionstriped like a dragon to suit costumes.Nov 18,  · In traditional China, until the age of sixty, birthdays did not receive any special 6o, however, is regarded as an important milestone in life, since at this point in time one five-element cycle of 12 zodiac signs has been completed, and a new cycle begins.

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