The hard life of panchito in the circuit by francisco jimenez

They cross the border from Mexico to California for a better life as migrant workers. They pack up and move each season to find work only to endure hardships and the struggle of having to start over every few months. Francisco and his family pass under a wire fence to steal across the border from their native Mexico to California.

The hard life of panchito in the circuit by francisco jimenez

Showing of next show all "The Circuit" is a chapter book about a child who comes to America and has his whole life changed. He has a very hard time adjusting to his new life in California because everything is different for him. This book could be helpful in a class because it tells stories from a perspective that most people do not have.

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It could also be a story that many children can relate to depending on the class. The story talks about his life and the struggles that he faces. This book does have longer chapters though, so it would be better to use it in an older class if the students are reading it independently.

It could also be used as a book to use during read alouds with younger grades. AbbyH20 Oct 10, This is great autobiography. I especially think that this would be good to use with students who are immigrants or whose parents are.

It follows the story of Francisco who is an immigrant from Mexico with his family. They have recently moved to California in hopes of a better life. His father and brother work hard in the fields to care for their family.

The story follows many of their hardships with illness, having to move, and struggling with money. Francisco is too young to help support his family and is also struggling in school and with the hardships of facing illegal immigrant struggles. In the end his family is caught by immigration services.

This is a great story for teaching children problems and the characteristics of an autobiography. It is also a good introductory chapter book. The text is one that should be used with older children. In class, we used the book for literature discussion groups.

This is probably what I would use it for with my students as well. I think the book would be good to help students practice making personal connections to the text. One of the questions I would have them think about is one that we used in class, "Think about your childhood and that of the author.

How were they different? In what ways were they the same? I also really liked the question, "Francisco organizes the events of his life based on the crop cycles. When thinking about the cycles of your life are there elements that you would link them to?

This book could also be used to practice retelling a story. A student could read a chapter and retell the main events in any way they choose- whether it is through pictures, words, or actions.

He and his growing family constantly have to move from worksite to worksite, finding the worst jobs, such as a cotton picker, to barely make ends meet.

And even then, his family isn't living in some 5-star hotel; they're usually living in small tents and sleeping on one mattress together. Francisco also has to deal with the scary fate of school.

He had teachers in the past who didn't even bother helping him learn or speak English, but others were kind and wanted to do all they could to help him learn English.

This book is perfect to add to any classroom library because an immigrant child may pick up the book, start reading it, and be able to relate to Francisco. Overall, I felt as though this book will be an asset to my classroom library and help students critically think about the lives of immigrants.

It tells his story about migrating to Mexico with his family. Throughout the story, Francisco shares his experiences and the constant hardships that him and his family and friends have faced. Fransisco endured many hardships whether it is watching his home get burned down leaving him with nothing or having to leave his friends because he constantly had to move or having to face a teacher who would not let him speak Spanish, when he did nt know english.

The reason why this book is just so brilliant and perfect for a classroom is because it makes the reader feel something. Whether or not the reader can directly relate to Francisco or not, the reader will experience a plethora of emotions. This book may be shocking for some readers as it was for me because it is such a different outlook and perspective on life.Panchito has to make sacrifi ces in order to help his family survive.

Read with a Purpose Read to discover what eff ect migrant farm work has on a boy and his family. I t was that time of year again. Ito, the by Francisco Jiménez The Circuit n 1 3.

The hard life of panchito in the circuit by francisco jimenez

Jalisco (hah LEES koh). 4. Nov 30,  · The Circuit The Circuit has stories from the life of an immigrant child. It is an autobiographical novel by Francisco Jimenez based in part on his journey from Mexico to the United States of America.4/5().

The Circuit The Circuit has stories from the life of an immigrant child. It is an autobiographical novel by Francisco Jimenez based in part on his journey from Mexico to the United States of America.4/5. c. he is going to be doing very hard work in very hot weather. d.

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he dislikes traveling by car What is the one sure and constant thing in Panchito’s family’s life? On the line provided, explain your answer. “The Circuit” Francisco Jimenez - -Open-Book Test. Nov 06,  · The Circuit is a series of independent but intertwined short stories that brings the reader into the life of a young Francisco Jiménez, or Panchito as he was known as a child.

Each autobiographical chapter can stand on its own, but when read in its entirety, it tells the story of Jimenez’ childhood growing up in a family of migrant farm workers. The Circuit TAKE NOTES Francisco Jiménez Panchito, a young migrant farm worker in Francisco Jiménez’s story “The Circuit” has to move often.

Migrant worker families can never live too long in one place. They must go wherever Constant change makes life diffi cult for Panchito. Describe an unexpected change you have faced.

The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child Summary & Study Guide