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After about this time, instances of sati began to be marked by inscribed memorial stones. The earliest of these are found in SagarMadhya Pradeshthough the largest collections date from several centuries later, and are found in Rajasthan.

Sati pratha wiki

He was my fellow traveler from London to Mumbai. He is now an Indian desi in UK with a very modern outlook. He was talking about superstitions and wrong traditions plaguing India.

I have agreed to most of his observations. It is highly deplorable. But how come you blame Hinduism for that? They believe that females have no right to enjoy sexual pleasure….

His face became red. FGM is done in the name of preservation of virginity and reduction of female desire and also to enhance male pleasure. The practice is prevalent in some of the majority Muslim countries. As in any religion, wrong customs are practiced by the ignorant followers.

So how is it Sati pratha wiki to force something like Sati on females? Rig Ved, Mandala 10, Chapter 18 mentions about widowed dames. The hymn actually calls for a widow to rise from the pier of her dead husband and now move on to take the hand of her new husband.

There are hundreds of characters in Mahabharata.

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The epic is broader in universality — it shows all evils and good things that had been prevailing in the society during that time. How can you generalize things by a singled-out example?

In Ramayana, when Dasaratha died none of his three wives jumped into pyre. There is not even a single case of forceful widow burning in any of our scriptures.

None of them committed suicide, let alone being forcible burned. So how is that that they are called Sati?

Sati Pratha in India

Rape, genocide and gross human rights violations against innocent Hindus induced victims to adopt defensive mechanisms. Hindu women in India adopted the Sati traditions to protect themselves from invaders, who perpetrated the largest holocaust in history against Hindus.

It was standard practice for cruel warlords like Ghori and Ghazni to unleash the mass rape and enslavement of hundreds of thousands of women after the slaughter of all peace-loving innocent Hindu males. The most famous instance took place when invaders overran Chittorgarh Chittor in This is a typical case of perpetures of crime are glorified and victims are penalized.

Just like any other durachara black magic, astrology, mantravada etc Sati might have been in practice among some ignorant Hindus. Shahnawaz, Lets absorb good things in all traditions.

Sati pratha wiki

Our dharma is to learn the truth and teach the truth. When people become aware, they will naturally stop such practices. The historians un-forgivable criminals in India have done gross injustice to our culture for fistful of money….Sati Pratha in India.

Sati literally means ‘a pure and virtuous woman’.Sati Pratha or tradition of widow burning at the funeral pyre of her husband has been a shameful social evil and an age old practice in . Vedas and Sati Pratha. Sati Pratha is one among the most favorite topic discussed by Hindu-bashers.

There are special groups working on intellectual platform whose duty is to dishonor Hindus as one who oppress Women-hood equality and Rights. The Bengal Sati Regulation, or Regulation XVII, in British India under East India Company rule, by the then Governor-General Lord William Bentinck, which made the practice of sati or suttee—or the immolation of a Hindu widow on the funeral pyre of her deceased husband—illegal in all jurisdictions of British India and subject to prosecution.

Sati (practice): Wikis Note: Many of our Sati was supposed to be voluntary, but it is known that it has often been forced. Sati-Pratha and its origins - Christian Aggression "Selected Death Tolls for Wars, Massacres and Atrocities Before the 20th Century".

Sati Pratha the mere mention of the word conjures images of widows burning on funeral pyres all across ancient and medieval India, right upto when it. Hinduism: What is prabhudasi pratha?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 4 Answers. Randhir (रणधीर) What is the reality of "Sati Pratha" in Hinduism? What does Hinduism say about the creation and purpose of male human beings? How conservative is Hinduism? What is hindusim?

Sati pratha wiki
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