Pros and cons of the stregth

Early on, hardly anyone had heard of it and we did a lot of selling that it was legitimate.

Pros and cons of the stregth

The defense budget will be formally submitted, along with President Obama's overall proposal for federal spending, on March 4. Acting Deputy Defense Secretary Christine Fox and budget defense specialists have scheduled a series of follow up budget briefings this week to focus on the details that will have to pass muster with lawmakers who have shown little appetite for taking on pay and benefits issues in an election year.

Pros and cons of the stregth

Under Hagel's proposals, the Air Force' A Thunderbolt attack plane would be retired along with the U-2 spy plane fleet after Air Force leaders have been saying the service can no longer afford to fly aircraft that serve niche missions.

Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he agreed with the proposals to "shed systems we no longer need and simply can't afford," such as the A attack aircraft and and the U The Navy would keep 11 carriers for at least another year, but reduce the projected size of the Littoral Combat Ship fleet from 52 to Half of the Navy's cruiser fleet -- or 11 ships -- will be placed in reduced operating status while they are modernized, and eventually returned to service with greater capability and a longer lifespan, Hagel said.

Possibly the most controversial proposal offered by Hagel was the plan to draw down the Army past an end strength ofUnless sequestration cuts are lifted, the Army may have to shrink down tosoldiers.

If Congress continues with budget reductions under the sequester process, "the active-duty Army would have to draw down to an end strength ofsoldiers," Hagel said.

As for the possibility that Army strength could go down to , Dempsey said "I'm telling you, is too low. The result would be that base commissaries overseas would remain, while most stateside commissaries would close -- except possibly for those in remote areas where major supermarkets are unavailable off base, the senior official said.


On base housing, Hagel said the budget was designed to "slow the growth of tax-free housing allowances -- which currently cover percent of housing expenses -- until they cover an average of 95 percent of housing expenses with a 5 percent out-of-pocket contribution.

There were no immediate plans to revisit the proposal to cut cost-of-living adjustments for military retirees -- a proposal that has already been rejected by Congress, Hagel said. On pay, "we chose to slow the growth of military compensation costs in ways that will preserve the quality of the all-volunteer force, but also free up critical funds needed for sustaining training, readiness, and modernization," Hagel said.

Hagel said that personnel costs make up about half of the defense budget, and those levels of spending cannot be maintained. The budget proposal also included plans for major changes in the size and structure of the Army National Guard, which now numbers about , and thesoldiers in the Army Reserves.

Army Reserves would draw down to ," Hagel said. The budget called for a swap of helicopters between the active-duty Army and the Army Guard.Plywood Cons More expensive than OSB. Though pricing for both OSB and plywood can sometimes be very similar depending on the market or region of the country, plywood generally costs more.

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