Prison incapacitates and nothing more

In addition, the level of concentration of your prisoners is a major factor on their chances of success Prisoners concentrate best when all of their needs have been taken care of New: Carpenters table Prisoners who have a natural afinity for practical work can attempt the Carpentry Apprenticeship. If successful they will be able to use the new carpenters table in the workshop They will use stacks of Wood to produce high quality furniture currently a high quality wooden bed Full production chain: Shows the breakdown of their time within your prison, and what they were doing during that time Mood:

Prison incapacitates and nothing more

Air of The Legend of Korra and the ninth of the overall series. It debuted on June 9,on Nickelodeon. Contents [ show ] Overview After being imprisoned by Tarrlok, Korra tries to analyze the mysterious visions she has been experiencing.

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Meanwhile, Tarrlok devises an alibi and successfully covers up his duel with Korra as an Equalist attack. Synopsis After Tarrlok arrives at a hideout located within the mountains near Republic City, he uses bloodbending to levitate Korra and lock her in a metal box.

He leaves her imprisoned there. The next morning, Tenzin 's telephone rings as he is sleeping with Pema and Meelo. When Meelo picks up the phone, he states his displeasure with the earliness of the call and states that it better be important. Tenzin takes the phone from him and is horrified when he hears the news.

As the airbender arrives at City Hallhe finds Tarrlok having his arm treated by a healer and conversing with Chief Saikhan along with reporters on the scene.

As Tenzin questions him about the events, Tarrlok lies, stating that Korra was captured by the Equalists after she came to his office demanding her friends be released. There, she frees AsamiMakoand Bolin from prison.

As Bolin suffered from the lack of privacy while urinating, Lin relays the message that Korra has been abducted by Amon.

Prison incapacitates and nothing more

The three are horrified, especially Mako, who is stunned and refuses to believe that she is gone. When the four approach Tenzin, the Councilman is surprised that Lin decided to forgo her stay at the hospital as well as the fact that the three teenagers are out of prison.

Lin reminds Tenzin that finding Korra is more important and they decide to look for the Avatar together. Lin theorizes that in order to find Korra, they might have to search underground, to which Asami agrees, bitterly remembering her father 's underground factory.

Bolin shares his idea that the Equalists might be using tunnels to move underground, recalling how it sounded like the Equalists drove through tunnels when he was abducted along with the triads.

Korra envisions a forty-year-old Aang and Toph on their way to arrest Yakone. Struggling to escape the metal box set up by Tarrlok, Korra is shouting for help and pounding the sides with her fists in the vain hope that someone will hear. Upon realizing the futility of her actions, she sits down while Tenzin's idea of meditating to learn Aang 's message enters her mind.

She meditates and successfully has visions of Aang's past.

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In her vision, she sees Aang and Toph Beifong talking alongside metalbending police officers. Toph tells Aang that he does not need to be here as she can handle this. Aang replies by saying that if the statements from witnesses are true, they are not dealing with a normal criminal, making his involvement in this situation a necessity.

Toph submits to his request calling Aang by his childhood nickname of "Twinkle Toes" at which he becomes displeased, saying that he is far too old to be called that anymore and asks her to stop with the nicknames, though Toph casually responds that she cannot do that. The vision progresses to that of Aang and Toph in Kwong's Cuisinearresting Yakone of his alleged crimes per witness statements.

The vision ends with Korra pleased that she is finally able to connect to her past life. Mako threatens an Equalist in his eagerness to find out Korra 's whereabouts.If more deaths occur the next day you will be sacked. You will then be convicted of Criminal Negligence, and will spend time within your own jail as a prisoner.

ESCAPES Too many escapes in a single day is a PR disaster waiting to happen.


Brainwave (Brain Wave) Brainwave (or Brain Wave) is a name of the supervillain with vast psionic powers shared by two characters in the DC Comics universe, who are father and son. "Guilty" is the third episode of the American police procedural drama television series Awake. The episode first aired on March 15, in the United States on NBC, and was simultaneously broadcast on Global in was written by series executive producer and showrunner Howard Gordon and consulting producer Evan Katz, and was directed by Jeffrey Reiner.

Theoretically speaking; Prison only ‘works’ on the premise of incapacitating and nothing more. Using the penal theories studied so far, critically analyse the above statement. Prison, a punishment applied when no other sentence is deemed punitive enough, incapacitates dangerous offenders for the purpose of public protection.

Oct 24,  · When her year-old son Andrew (Andrew Bleechington) has another brush with the law, she worries he’ll wind up in prison like his father. Méndez Esparza employs documentary-style realism in this snapshot of race, class and the bonds of family in contemporary America.

Ian Acheson: ‘If you don’t have safety and control in prisons, you have nothing’ Erwin James Last week’s riot at HMP Birmingham highlighted the chronic lack of frontline staff in our jails.

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