Pestle analysis biman bangladesh airlines doc

Case study — Vladimir Airlines Introduction The environment factors are really much of import of all types of concern. This is of import for a company to to the full understand its market and environment in order to set up the right selling program and follow utile schemes. There are several theoretical theoretical accounts which are utile for analyzing, viz. Vladimir Airlines wholly fails to understand the international concern environment alterations.

Pestle analysis biman bangladesh airlines doc

After audit objection in this four months of the current year taka 20 crore 24 lakh 63 thousand was deposited in Biman Bangladesh Airlines account as cargo handling charge for nonscheduled freighter.

In the last two years taka 76 crore was looted as inbound-outbound cargo handling charge from the nonscheduled freighter in cargo department. This was revealed in the internal audit report of Biman. In the investigation it was seen, Biman has earned 2 lakh 33 thousand taka as cargo handling charge for carrying 16 thousand kgs goods as nonscheduled freighter in a flight of Silk Way West Airlines on November 24, It also earned taka two lakh 53 thousand as charge for carrying 18 thousand kgs goods in a flight of the same airlines on December 4, Showing excuse that there is no notice the money was not deposited in the Biman exchequer from According to the report the money was earnable.

According to the Audit department, every year fromtaka 76 crore was looted in an average. So in this rate, from at least taka crore was embezzled, which was not deposited in Biman account.

It is known that although the earning was regular from the year but at the middle part of the current Director of Customer Care department Ali Ahsan Babu was given charge as General Manager of Cargo.

After that showing excuse of non availability of the notice the money earning from the nonscheduled freighters was stopped. So Biman faced huge financial loss. Though it was a much talked matter but Biman authority yet to form any investigation committee in this regard.

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The question rises, why he did not take initiative to publish notice as a responsible officer? Why he is showing excuse of notice by not considering benefit of Biman? In this regard Ali Ahsan Babu declined to comment.

Rtv team was barred from entering his office. But later the team was allowed to enter at his office but he was not available. After getting news that he is in the head office, Rtv team went there and reached him. But while talking over the scandal he switched off the camera.

Later his statement recorded secretly. He claimed that the Biman audit report is false. While avoiding the matter he questioned, what the audit report says- are those all correct? That report is false. No loss to the state has happened. He said to Rtv team, there will be no problem whatever you write.

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The Public Relation department of did not help the Rtv team to arrange any type of conversation with Chairman or Managing Director of Biman.

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Chittagong-A Hub of Eco Tourism. of this city of being a tourist hub is at first analyzed following the standard given by UN and after that through SWOT analysis the present state of Chittagong is analyzed.

[18] M.M. Kamal & srmvision.comury.

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(). “Marketing Orientation in Tourism Sectors: Case Study of Biman Bangladesh Airlines. IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM) vol issue.4 version Performance Analysis of Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd. Md. Shahidul Islam BBA Program, (13th Batch) ID Supervisor: Dr.


Pestle analysis biman bangladesh airlines doc

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Pestle analysis biman bangladesh airlines doc

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