Macro summary notes

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Macro summary notes

Macro-economic theory Macro-economics is traditionally broken down into macro-economic theory and macro-economic policy. Economists build such models so that they can explain the structure of an economy, and the role and significance of the parts that make up this structure.

Macro-economic models also help the economist understand how the separate components of the macro-economy are related. Macro-economic models are also used to help economists and policy makers make predictions, or forecasts, about the economy, and about the effect of changes in one economic variable, such as exchange rateson other variables, such as prices and output.

Improvements in performance begin with the setting of policy objectiveswhich include the achievement of sustainable economic growth and developmentstable prices and full employment.

For example, in attempting to achieve full employment in the short-term price inflation may occur in the longer term. Policy targets In order to achieve policy objectives, policy makers will set targets to aim for. Policy instruments Once policy objectives and targets are established, policy makers need to choose between alternative policy tools, or instruments.

These instruments are the levers of control of the macro-economy and include monetary instruments such as interest rates, and fiscal instruments such as tax rates and government spending. Policy disagreements Policy disagreements occur for a number of reasons.

Macro-economic policy is often shaped by long held normative beliefs about what is essential, and this influences the choice of model, objective, target, and instrument.

For example, some economists put the eradication of poverty above the maximisation of corporate profits, and this will strongly influence their belief about how the tax system should be used.

Macro summary notes

In addition, different economists may use different economic models and forecasting techniques, and this may lead them to disagree about the need for, size of, or timing of policy changes.Here you find AP Economics notes for Macroeconomics, 15th Edition textbook by McConnell and Brue.

We are working on adding more AP Economics resources like practice quizzes, essays, free response questions, and vocabulary terms. Lecture Notes in Macroeconomics John C. Driscoll Brown University and NBER1 December 21, † The lectures will very closely follow my lecture notes.

Macro summary notes

There are two other general textbooks available: Romer, which should be familiar and Blanchard and Fischer. The latter is harder but covers more material.

Integer Notes For macro instructions that generate a parameter list, the default value generated when the operand is not specified is listed. An integer value enclosed in square brackets references one of these notes. Economics Principles of Macroeconomics Study Guide David L.

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