Kindergarten writing activities for valentines day

Studentreasures February is a time for red rose bouquets, candy boxes, and heart-shaped cards. And what better way to celebrate than with words?

Kindergarten writing activities for valentines day

I found these great heart ice cube trays in the dollar bin at Target. I found this fun idea on FunFrugalMommyand had to try it with our stickers.

You can download my graphing chart here. This is a 2 page printout, leave one together as the game board, and cut up the second one into pieces so you have a matching game.

Kindergarten Valentine's Day Activities for Kids |

Match up the identical designs! This game is for counting practice. Simply cut out along the lines so you end up with squares. Have your child match up the cards by matching the number of hearts to the card with the appropriate number on it. We ended up putting hearts on ours.

I found this idea on Play 2 Learn Printables, and had to make one for my alphabet collection! Roll the die and place the piece of the puzzle indicated by the number rolled. Its a fun way to practice number recognition skills!

We color this, paint it, or use markers. These pictured are chubby markers, they also make a skinny version. I got mine at Wal-mart. I found this fun idea on Activity Mom.

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Instead of tracing, we are going to use a toothpick, or we have these cute Oversized Push Pinsto poke holes through the paper in the shape of the letter. Print on regular paper for easier poking, and do this one on carpet Another idea would be to hole punch along the lines of the letter as well.

Both work on motor skills! Its large and easier to trace.

kindergarten writing activities for valentines day

Put these in order small to big or big to small then discuss which is largest, smallest and medium. Letter V Scavenger Hunt: Fill the box with things that start with V!

I laminate this and use with Expo Dry Erase Markers for pre-writing practice skills.

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Just use the pieces to practice pre-math pattern skills. I laminate this, cut along the horizontal lines and hole punch in the top left corner and bind with a keyring to make a booklet. I then place a velcro dot on the blank side of each card and put the opposite velcro dot on each of the number cards last page of download.

I use this with a cookie sheet and these pom-pom magnets I made from pom-poms and self-sticky magnets from the craft isle in Wal-mart. I also use these magnets from Amazon: This is a fun letter matching activity, that practices both upper and lowercase letters recognition!

The download includes upper and lowercase letter disks and activity cards Click here to see the process of making the letters. I make sure to laminate this one for durability, then punch with a hole punch every inch or so for lacing practice. Teach them patterns to do with this as well, like up from the bottom each time, or in-out-in-out sewing.Since Valentine& Day is all about LOVE.

here& a little writing activity you can do with your kiddos to find out what they really LOVE. When they are finished they . Activity #2: Lovely Nouns. Get a little grammatical with this writing activity by asking your kindergarten students to think of three different types of nouns—one person, one place and one thing that they really love.

This week’s activities, lessons, and printables are about Valentine’s Day! Also included are a few freebies with other topics. Two are related to Groundhog Day, and others are preschool letter hunts and worksheets, handwriting skills practice, and a preschool game about the solar system!

Valentine's Day Writing and Journal Prompts Draw a picture of yourself and a friend or family member enjoying a special moment where you felt or expressed love. Write one or two sentences telling about it. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Most of you know I have Letter V for Valentine’s Day printables, but for those of you who don’t know, I wanted to repost some of our activities for you!

These are all included in my Letter of the Week curriculum as well.. So, welcome to the Letter V where we’ll be having fun with Valentines!.

Letter V Memory Verse. Preschool and Kindergarten Valentine Writing Heart Shape Book. As a valentine's writing activity my students wrote positive comments in their heart-shaped writing book about each other.

Celebrating Valentine's Day: Writing Prompts, Journal Ideas, and Story Starters