Instrumental music teacher cover letter

Music teacher position, REF: I am a highly organised, outcome-driven and motivated professional music teacher with solid experience in the classroom.

Instrumental music teacher cover letter

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Now, based on the research, we understand why. With the help of cat scans, we have been able to see what happens to the brain when listening to music.

Each component of music affects a different part of the brain, e. One side of the brain processes the word while the other processes the music — activating the whole brain ensures better retention.

Short-term memory has the ability to hold only seven bits of information. If bits of information are bonded together, as in a song, it can be processed as one piece. By condensing the information, the brain is able to receive and process more. In this article, we will discuss brain research findings and explore how music and movement can be used to enhance memory skills and retention and language development.

Language Begins Early The ability to speak and hear language begins before birth. At 23 days of gestation, a fetus can feel sound and, at around four months, hear. At twelve weeks the fetus moves spontaneously. A fetus will respond to music by blinking or moving to the beat. Alfred Tomatis, who will be discussed in the next paragraph, used fiber optic cameras to observe the movement of the fetus in regard to sound.

Though the particular muscle moved varied in each child, each time the same phoneme was sounded, the same muscle responded! This sensory-motor response allows the fetus to begin learning language in utero. Once the amniotic fluid has dried out of the Eustachian tubes and outer ear canals, the sense of hearing becomes pretty accurate.

Instrumental music teacher cover letter

The ear is the most fully developed of the sense organs at birth and the last sense to stop at death. Much of the previous information is a result of the work of Dr. His research has done much to help with developmental delays and disabilities including autism.

Damage to hearing can cause depression. It is believed it is because the music stimulates a part of the brain related to memory.

There have also been many anecdotes of people remembering melodies that had been played while they were in utero. This is not only fascinating, but also functional. Having this information, we need to implement it in early childhood by providing activities that encourage active listening skills.

These activities can include rhythm stick activities, imitating vocal sounds, and marching.

Instrumental music teacher cover letter

Time should be taken to note the window of opportunity to learn sounds and words. Children will make sounds that are common to humans universally.

Over the first year, they begin to produce only the sounds heard in their own culture. Newborns can perceive any phoneme they hear, but this ability is lost within the first year.

The ability to learn languages is during these first years. The opportunity to learn foreign language is believed to end at about the end of the twelfth year, but the phonemes must have been presented to them in the first year.See our sample Music Teacher Cover Letter.

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Music Teacher. Taught general, instrumental, and choral music to students grades K-5 in a rural elementary school. Tips for Writing Cover Letters cover letter is to match your specific skills and experiences to the SPECIFIC needs of the employer as stated in the job description.

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