Hotel business plan in bangalore tv

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Hotel business plan in bangalore tv

Hotel business in India is a lucrative business option, as in India tourists inflows are increasing day by day due to the prime attractions here and diverse culture. Hence, hotel business can be one of the profitable businesses to start.

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Here is some guidance before you start with your hotel business in India. Type and Location Before you actually begin with, it is necessary to decide on the type of hotel that you are going to establish.

It can be a catering business or a hotel with lodging facilities etc or a small restaurant. Another important factor is the location of the hotel. While choosing the location, it would be ideal to start in a tourist hub or a commercial location like Mumbai, Delhi, Kerala, Bangalore or any hill stations etc.

Hotel Logistics To make your hotel business successful, a vital aspect is to have proper infrastructural and transport facilities to the hotel. It should be easy for the people to reach the hotel easily. A hotel can be thus near to a railway station, a bus stand, shopping malls, airports etc.

The best thing is that more people will get attracted to your hotel in these areas, in turn giving you huge revenue. Hotel Area Plan Determining hotel area is completely depended on the size of your hotel.

If you are planning for a midsized hotel of rooms, then the approximate area required would be square feet. Hotel Layout Plan For planning the layout of your hotel, you can seek professional help from interior designers who can provide you with good attractive plan within your budget.

They can even help you with beautiful layouts that will attract more tourists. For getting in touch with the professional interior designers, you can look in the internet and through advertisements. Financing Your Hotel If the financial assistance is required, in India you can avail business loan from many private and nationalized banks.

You need to decide on hotel budget well in advance before approaching the bank. The banks will check your credibility and liabilities before granting the loan.

Market Surveys For Feasibility Study It is essential to know the scope of your hotel business in the particular area where you are planning to start the hotel.

hotel business plan in bangalore tv

Hence, you have to conduct a market survey within 10kms of the hotel location. This will help you to know whether it will be profitable in starting the hotel in that location. If there is any competition from similar hotels, you can create a business plan with unique facilities and features to offer for the customers.

If you have something new and unique to offer, it will attract more customers to your hotel than your competitor hotels. Hotel License When you decided to start the hotel, the next step is to go ahead with the hotel license.

You also need to get Pollution Control Board license. If you also think of conducting events within the hotel premises, a separate license is essential.

Proper verification is mandatory from concerned officials regarding the fire safety, elevator functions etc. Below are the list of required license for running a hotel in India.

Fire Department License — This can be obtained from fire department in your area. Recruitment of Staffs Depends upon the size and need of the hotel, the staffs are to be recruited.

They include front office staffs, housekeeping, line managers, supervisors, waiters etc. You can recruit people through placement agencies or through direct advertisements in media. The normal ratings can be 1- 2- 3- 4- Promoting your hotel will increase the revenue.

Hence, you have to see every possibility to promote your hotel both within India and abroad. What else you think can make your hotel business profitable? Would you like to share any tips here?Great savings on hotels in Bangalore, India online.

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It is located so close to Indiranagar Metro Station but there is no sound pollution around the hotel. Cable TV subscriptions are. News analysis, commentary, and research for business technology professionals. Hotel business in India is a lucrative business option, as in India tourists inflows are increasing day by day due to the prime attractions here and diverse Catering Opportunities in Bangalore – A Growing Market.

If there is any competition from similar hotels, you can create a . 40 Low Cost Small Business Ideas for Bangalore (Bengaluru) by Anjali Bhatia 29/02/ | 0 Posted in Startup Ideas Bangalore’s hyperactive economic scenario makes it one of the major economic centers in India, and at the same time it’s a heaven for those who want to start their own business.

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