Health hazards of deforestation

The sudden increase in the global average temperature is becoming a huge cause of concern for our future survival and scientists and governments are working tirelessly to find ways to overcome this problem. The target audience for this conference includes scientists and researchers, professors, lecturers, business executives, government officials and students. Students participating in the conference will get a unique opportunity to meet many eminent scientists and researchers, thereby gaining valuable knowledge and ideas which will help them in their research work and projects. Global Warming The temperature of the earth is rising rapidly.

Health hazards of deforestation

Sunday, October 21, Deforestation In todays world, the physical demand on this earth has become a potential environmental hazard. Deforestation, one of these physical demands, has been a growing problem for over the last several decades, especially in the Amazon rainforest.

Soil erosion, while a natural process, accelerates with and plants act as a natural barrier to slow water as it runs off the land. Roots bind the soil and prevent it from washing away. The absence of vegetation causes the topsoil to erode more quickly. Feb 09,  · "The main environmental concerns are tropical deforestation, primarily in Indonesia and Malaysia, where 85 to 95% of the world's palm oil is produced," she says. Jul 26,  · Palm oil is an ingredient in many ready-to-eat products in the grocery store and is sometimes touted as a superfood. Beware of health hazards, however, such as a high amount of saturated fat and toxins produced by oxidized oil.

In the Amazon, trees are being cleared for numerous reasons: But although wood is essential for many of our human needs in todays world, it serves a far greater purpose than to be used as means to an anthropogenic end.

The Amazon sequesters, or traps, 2 billions tons of carbon each year.

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All trees are important in this absorption process, most notably the temperate and tropical rain forests around the world. Because of deforestation there are less trees to absorb man made and naturally occurring carbon.

What exacerbates deforestation is when the slash and burn technique is implemented. So there is more CO2 being created and less being absorbed at the same time.

As i mentioned above, the biggest concern that comes with deforestation is that of balancing CO2 levels. But a plethora of other problems arise with deforestation.

Without trees to protect the soil from erosional processes like wind and rain, the soil has been depleting.

The end result of this erosional process is desertification; where the soil gets to the point that it is no longer fertile. Another problem arises in the form of the loss of natural habitats for the animals that live in these areas.

The Amazon rainforest is home to one of the most diversified places on earth in terms of the number of different species living there.

Blog Archive Landslides are among the major hydro geological hazards that affect large parts of India, especially the Himalayas, the North-eastern hill ranges, the western Ghats, the Nilgiris, the Eastern Ghats and the Vindhyas. In the Himalayas alone, one could find landslides of very fame, name and description-big and small, long and short, quick and creeping, ancient […] Written by:
Cadmium Health Hazards The brick kilns emit toxic fumes containing suspended particulate matters rich in carbon particles and high concentration of carbon monoxides and oxides of sulphur SOx that are harmful to eye, lungs and throat. These air pollutants stunt the mental and physical growth of children.
Search form The carbon footprint created by four years of deforestation is equal to the carbon footprint of every single air flight in the history of aviation up to the year [source:
NY Daily News - We are currently unavailable in your region Messenger While the news coming out of forests is often dominated by deforestation and habitat loss, research published today in Nature Climate Change shows that the world has actually got greener over the past decade.

There may seem to be plenty of land still left in the Amazon covered by forests, but with less forest means less food for the animals. Why is deforestation happening? Places like the Amazon are being deforested so the land can be turned into large scale agriculture and also cattle raising.

The soil of the rainforest is very rich and fertile, thus very ideal for crops, but only for a short time before the soil dries up. This large scale exploitation, if you will, of natural resources is done by more economically developed countries who, like the United States, are supplying the demands of an over consuming population.

Small tribal groups in areas like central Africa who live in and around these forests, whose livelihoods depend on these forests, are at the mercy of those clearing the forests.

In summation, the more developed countries are in demand of the resources in these forests, which comes at the expense of the less developed countries who cannot protect their natural resources.a result of vast ecological breakdown in the relation between humans and their environment, as serious or sudden event on such scale that the stricken community needs extraordinary efforts to cope with outside help or international aid.

Deforestation impacts spread of infectious diseases in Peruvian Amazon March - April, | Volume 7, Issue 2 Global Health Matters Newsletter - March/April Deforestation increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leading to global warming due to green house effect.

Silting of Rivers and Dams – Deforestation causes large scale deposition of sediments in the rivers. Hazards Of Deforestation hazards of deforestation Learn about the manmade and natural causes of deforestation–and how its impacting our planet.

Health hazards of deforestation

Deforestation, the permanent destruction of forests in order to make the land available for other uses. A new investigation of satellite records reveals that the Earth is getting greener, despite ongoing deforestation in Indonesia and South America.

Soil erosion, while a natural process, accelerates with and plants act as a natural barrier to slow water as it runs off the land. Roots bind the soil and prevent it from washing away.

The absence of vegetation causes the topsoil to erode more quickly.

'The Sumatran rainforest will mostly disappear within 20 years' | Global development | The Guardian