Forensic psychology term papers

Violence Risk Assessment Topics Forensic psychology is also a practice. Clinical psychologists who practice in forensic arenas provide assessment and treatment services in a wide variety of criminal and civil matters and in law enforcement.

Forensic psychology term papers

Psychology is the science of mental process and behavior.

Forensic psychology term papers

The term forensic means different scientific techniques and tests that correlate to a discovery of a crime. In order for a professional to evaluate and process based upon evidence, evaluations, and assessments, he or she must have the foundation of knowledge in both the study of psychology and criminal justice or law.

There have been several historical benchmarks in the field over the last hundred years. This was such a large turn for the field as psychologists could then become more credible to stand in court in regards to being a material witness; as many times before they were consistently turned down.

Another important event that helped shape the field of forensic psychology was in Both of these events helped shaped way for the different specialties within the field. History and Specialties in Forensic Psychology Fromthere marked more important events that changed the field for the future.

As the next few decades progress into the new millennium, several more important milestones are achieved. Professional certification for diplomates in forensic psychology was achieved.

Shortly after, the APA approved a clinical internship for those interested, however the sub-specialty was still not recognized by the APA. The APA has their own set of standards and ethics, however since forensic psychologists work in several areas within law enforcement, it was and still is highly important to have a specialty set of ethics as there is much more room for error when working with corrections, criminals, lawyers, law enforcement, etc.

After these highly anticipated events in the field, they received their biggest break. Inthe APA decided to finally recognize forensic psychology as a subspecialty. This was and still is the most altering event for the field as now it is to be considered credible Bartol,para.

The field is consistently evolving with new research, research findings, and better technique with several different subspecialties within the field of forensic psychology. There are six different subspecialties to include: In these specialties, the forensic psychologists have several different roles and responsibilities.

They are consistently involved in seminal court cases that continue to influence the practice of forensic psychology. The professional can also run into common ethical dilemmas and challenges that encountered in the field. There is also continual research being done in each of the subspecialties.

The forensic psychologist has a different role in each of the subspecialties. The first subspecialty is police psychology. The forensic psychologist assists law enforcement in several different arenas. The professional assists police departments with the evaluation of aspiring new employees and current, tenured employees.

The professional will also help assist law enforcement with the screening procedures of all of their employees to ensure safety.

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The professional also has the duty to help assist in the training of working with mentally ill citizens they may encounter. The professional will also consistently examine police interrogation methods and the analysis of any fake confessions. In the assessment area of police psychology, the professional can conduct job analysis, evaluations of applicants, evaluations with specialty units, and emergency situations.

Within any field, there can arise ethical dilemmas and or challenges that a professional may run into. In police psychology, the forensic psychologist evaluates police officers that were exposed to any hostage, traumatic, or shooting situation. In one ethical situation, the professional will evaluate an officer that was exposed to a horrific crime.

Upon an evaluation of the officer, the psychologist determines that the officer is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or otherwise known as PTSD.

The psychologist diagnosed the officer because he was having several signs of PTSD, with having difficulty falling asleep, outbursts of anger, and the inability to recall an important event of the trauma. The officer also shares with the forensic psychologist that he is having a hard time financially as his wife just passed away.

The psychologist felt sympathy for the officer and his three children. The professional decides that the officer is okay to continue working on duty and that he is not a risk to his coworkers or the public. This situation is an ethical dilemma as the officer should have been put on administrative suspension with pay.Forensic psychology is no exeption the knowledge used by the psychologist can also be misused.

The code of ethics a particular practitioner abides by depends unto which organisation he/she is a member.

Forensic psychology term papers

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Forensic science uses the scientific method to investigate crime scenes and determine perpetrators. A college student who is majoring in forensic science is required to do many papers and research.

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Forensic Psychology is the use of psychology in the criminal justice structure; this field of psychology requires one to showcase his/her capability of interpreting the law in the pertinent jurisdiction.

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