Essay problems with landfills

Landfills are places where all our trash goes when we no longer need it. Each person in the United States makes an average 4. And every year the United States as a whole produces 4,, metric tons of solid waste each year. All of this waste does not just disappear, 80 percent ends up in landfills.

Essay problems with landfills

Landfills are mostly disliked because they cause numerous environmental problems. In Europe and elsewhere, a lot of initiatives and measures are being taken to minimize the hazards of landfills. It has become a global issue that demands the attention of policy makers and states.

Waste prevention is the most viable solution that can help reduce the toxicity of waste. Landfills and their effects on environment Most often located outside large cities, a landfill or dump or dumping ground is a place where the waste and garbage is stored.

Public or private dumps pose serious environmental problems in developing countries and rich countries must follow or manage hundreds of thousands of landfills, some old and forgotten. The animals eat a lot of the consumable organic matter, but the waste contains more and more non-biodegradable or toxic material.

In Europe there is massive investment underway to reduce substantially and our dependence on landfills. In other words, landfills are sites, sometimes abandoned, where waste is deposited in the soil to rot.


As each new load of rubbish arrives for disposal, it is pushed down and compacted into the site and then covered with a layer of soil. To prevent leakage of toxic materials in soil and water surrounding the site must first be doubled to seal in the waste.

The regulation of waste recovery has now become very strict. It is forbidden since Essay problems with landfills late twentieth century to resort to illegal dumping in favor of sanitary landfills PST or incineration.

Essay problems with landfills

Landfills have not always been located outdoors. It seems that many places and underground water bodies today actually stem from old landfills. This is problematic in the sense that these sites are often poorly managed hence hinders the protection of the natural environment and the health safety of residents living nearby.

In many urban and industrial areas proper disposal of waste material is not a regular activity. In the red zone and especially due to the reconstruction of cities after the world wars, many landfills received poorly sorted debris that contained unexploded ordnance.

Landfills emit methane powerful greenhouse gas which can burn or explode. Accidental or intentional fires are seasonal and discharge currents in dry and warm weather. They emit well-known pollutants and are generally not recognized such as forest fires by cadastres and pollution inventories.

Household waste is quite rich in chlorine-containing products including PVC to issue burning of dioxins and furans in significant quantity about 10 times more than a brush fire.

Given the environmental hazards that landfills produce, the company proposed to reduce its daily waste receipts request, reduce the vertical expansion for the northern slope of the landfill and to include information about employing odor control measures.

The measures that the company had proposed to ensure can be seen as a step in the right direction. It had also requested to increase the height of the landfill by 75 feet by increasing the steepness of the slopes. This means that the buried waste under 12 acres of the northern slope will not receive any new waste and will not need to be uncovered, preventing some potential odors.

The request of odor management was also duly entertained and accepted. Literature Review Production of waste is a global problem that will not be resolved on its own so we constantly find practical ways and adapted to the flow of it. All human beings want to get rid of something in their lives, be it garbage, plastic, paper, metal, commercial waste or anything else that they just do not want or need and wish to discard.

Essay problems with landfills

Unfortunately, today most of our waste tends to end up in landfills, which is far from ideal. Landfill has an immediate advantage in that it is practical, however, there are other more serious problems concerning the landfill that are not so advantageous to human health or animal health or the environment despite the agencies protection, legislation and monitoring is in place.

The introduction and ever increasing cost of landfill tax is designed to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by encouraging waste producers to produce less waste and reuse or recycle waste rather than mixed the bucket. Landfills are heavily regulated and monitored by environmental agencies in an attempt to minimize the risk to human health and the environment.

Porter, Once a landfill has been filled to capacity, it must be capped or covered and a new site must be found. Habitual ways should be to cover with a layer of plastic over soil, a protective cover, sand, more land and then something like grass. This will keep rodents away and minimizes the risk of residual gases and other toxins are released into the surrounding land and waterways.

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Essay problems with landfills

a valuable resource of the earth. Water is a valuable natural resource with many uses; it’s needed for direct consumption, agricultural irrigation, aquatic life, recreation uses, fisheries, and the disposal and treatment of sewage, and industrial waste. The free Environment research paper (Landfills essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.

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