Education in afghanistan

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Education in afghanistan

Empowerment, Forced Labor, Bonded Labor Founded inGoodWeave works to end child labor and trafficking in the rug industry and to support weaving communities around the world.

Education in afghanistan

Building on its nearly 20 years of Education in afghanistan in India and Nepal, GoodWeave expanded to Afghanistan in Today, GoodWeave is proving them wrong, and the very first certified Afghan rug reached the market this winter. Getting kids who would otherwise be toiling under unthinkable conditions into the classroom can break cycles of extreme poverty and illiteracy that result when generation after generation of children work rather than receive an education.

A third of elementary school-aged children are put to work, including many who are sold into bonded labor, sexual exploitation and early marriage. Afghan carpets are on the U. The vast majority of Education in afghanistan are found in homes which means that the work is done out of sight by women and often by children.

While weaving is a viable occupation for women, working in isolation often leads to exploitation and many end up beholden to traders who do not offer fair compensation. Initially, GoodWeave inspectors work very closely with subcontractors to map out where the looms are located, and then they assist with formal introductions to the weaving families.

Visiting those families and listening to them was very helpful to build the relationship and the trust that both parties needed. Talking about a better future and a new tomorrow were things that they enjoyed hearing from us and wishing, with them, for a better future for their children was something that gave them hope and strength.

Many of these girls are so isolated that they scarcely leave their homes; forced to work long hours, they have no contact outside their families. No other program would be likely to reach them. The very first time GoodWeave arranged a ministry-approved teacher to home-school a single student, 13 of her female family members, shown here, were eagerly waiting to join the lessons.

For example, GoodWeave launched a partnership with VisionSpring to offer vision testing and eyeglass fitting for weavers to alleviate the eye strain that comes from close, repetitive work often done in dim lighting.

Our plan for him was that he should either learn weaving and assist his mother at home or get him used to start working outside and make some money, but now we are determined to work harder ourselves and send him to school, and we are so hopeful that he would have a brighter future, Inshallah.

Even the rest of our kids have been positively influenced by Noria, and even our relatives have become interested in sending their children to schools or Centres like this in their own communities after seeing the changes in Noria.

Nothing is more important to a mother than being sure about the well-being, food and safety of her child. GoodWeave recently won a one-year grant from the U.

In partnership with Ariana Rugs, Inc. GoodWeave will create a women-run, centralized training and production center called Tapish rhythm in Dari to expand the market for carpets made by Afghan women while fulfilling industry demand for skilled weavers.

The rugs are expected to hit the market in early GoodWeave also has funding-dependent plans for regional expansion to other key carpet-making communities, starting in Herat.Watch video · 28 Jan GMT Education, Afghanistan, Women's Rights, Human Rights Five years ago Al Jazeera travelled to Afghanistan to see one of the most dramatic social changes in Afghanistan in the previous decade - the vastly improved access to education, especially for girls.

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Afghanistan and Pakistan. Afghanistan and Pakistan have both faced substantial security and governance challenges over the past decade.

In countries that are critical to our national security, progress is fragile, but our continued efforts remain vital.

Afghanistan has long had one of the poorest education records in the world, with a low rate of school attendance and a high percentage of illiteracy. Between and , under the Islamic group.

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Combating Child Labor in the Afghan Carpet Sector. of extreme poverty and illiteracy that result when generation after generation of children work rather than receive an education. ©Roberto Romano courtesy of Goodweave USA. According to UNICEF, Afghanistan is one of the world's most dangerous places to be a child.

A third of .

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