Digital ic tester thesis

We mounted one of them on a wooden sigar box and connected the anode via a large series resistance to the live wire of the V mains! Just by touching one of the cathodes it was possible to make the numbers glow. I think that this was the beginning of my life long fascination for these misteriously glowing tubes. They are in one word beautifull!

Digital ic tester thesis

Thus, it becomes imperative to apply different hardware configurations and feed all possible inputs for checking different ICs.

We need some easy and useful techniques to check the functionality of different kinds of ICs. Here, we develop a program with different functions for checking different ICs. We systematically analyse and test the prototype for several ICs, accessing each individual pin with all possible inputs.

We also investigate truth tables associated with different ICs over a display channel. ATmega in Arduino Mega is equipped with a bootloader which enables new codes to be uploaded into the MCU without using an external hardware programmer.

Digital ic tester thesis

This can be adjusted to MCU power requirements with suitable resistors. For controlling the LCD, a simple library named lcd with some basic functions has been designed.

While taking an input, only one column is read at a time. The column to be read is connected to logical 0V. Now, while checking the state of rows, it is possible to detect which key is pressed from that particular column. After reading one column, the MCU immediately goes for the next one by connecting the new column to logical 0V.

Digital ic tester thesis

It is very important that only that particular column under checking is connected to logical 0V. Otherwise, it will not be possible to detect proper input.

In this manner, all columns are read one by one to obtain one complete cycle of the matrix scan. With a clock speed of 16MHz, ATmega is capable of scanning the whole matrix thousands of times per second. Note that diodes are added along all switches in order to eliminate unexpected results due to simultaneous multiple pressing of keys.

For controlling the keypad, another library named keypad enables the user to feed different inputs to the MCU. For the code designed for this IC tester to work perfectly, it is recommended that all connections to Arduino pins are made exactly as in the circuit diagram.


If anything in the circuit diagram is changed, one must modify the code for the same.This paper proposes an inexpensive and compact model of digital integrated circuit tester using 89sDiffrent digital IC’s can be tested by just writing the specific program without any change in hardware.

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Digital IC Tester. The basic function of the B & K Model A Digital IC Tester is to test a digital IC for correct logical functioning as described in the truth table and/or function table. The B & K Model A applies the necessary signals to the inputs of the IC, monitoring the outputs at.

that uses the integrated circuit timer as a major component of the design. The timer was configured so that the probes connected to the soil indicate the resistance of the soil under test and hence the water content of the soil.

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