Bolt from the blue copywriting a book

About this Comic The Authors The Characters When Sally Forth first appeared on the comics pages, not many newspaper readers suspected its creator was a man and they certainly never suspected creator Greg Howard was a lawyer-turned-cartoonist.

Bolt from the blue copywriting a book

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Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! See if you have enough points for this item. Case study examples are used to illustrate the main features of traumatic situations and ways of processing such experiences, as well as the practical implications for crisis support.

I think this book offers therapists, clients, and policy makers a view of how to deal with those "bolts from the blue" with more understanding of the nature of trauma and its effects upon the individual and the community.

- Bolt from the Blue by Sarah Miles

The author has put together a book that looks at the processing of a traumatic event, the effects of it upon adults and children, how to work with a traumatised person, and the impact of interventions upon the individual. She explains each step of the process of recovery, from the initial through lingering effects that follow the return to everyday life.

The importance pf psycho-social support is also addressed. The final chapter is devoted to an examination of the efficacy of single-session debriefing in preventing traumatization. The author is an experienced Finnish Psychologist who obviously has extensive experience in the field of crisis response and acute trauma.

Salli Saari examines in detail the psychological effect traumatic events can have on an individual, taking the reader step-by-step through each stage of the process of understanding and recovery.

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She also discusses the role of social support, the media and the workplace in addressing trauma, and what methods can be adopted to help victims cope after a traumatic incident. Based on work within the Finnish organized crisis care network, A Bolt from the Blue shows how crisis care can be an integral part of health care services, covering all traumatic incidents from a death in the family to major accidents and disasters.

It is also accessible enough to be of use to laymen who have encountered a traumatic experience and may need help.I think this book offers therapists, clients, and policy makers a view of how to deal with those "bolts from the blue" with more understanding of the nature of trauma .

bolt from the blue copywriting a book

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Sally Forth is a comic strip with a realistic portrayal of the challenges and victories faced by working mothers today.


Sally juggles the daily challenges of excelling at her middle-management career and finding enough quality time for her husband and daughter. Find great deals for A Bolt from the Blue: Coping with Disasters and Acute Traumas by Salli Saari (Paperback, ).

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bolt from the blue copywriting a book

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