Assignment 5 significance of the study essay

It is named because it migrates electrophoretically between alpha1 and albumin and is the most abundant protein present during fetal development. Unfortunately, AFP is also elevated in hepatitis, cirrhosis, and several other liver diseases.

Assignment 5 significance of the study essay

What was the rationale for using only patients with a diagnosis of hypertension that was currently being treated? There does not appear to be an independent control utilized in this study.

This lack of an independent control limits the validity of this study. Qualitative Critique of Design Article Phenomenology is utilized in the area of inquiry in the experiences of individuals within their life world.

The researchers indicate that bracketing was used before data collection. Descriptive phenomenological was appropriate for the design of this study. This study meets criteria for convenience sampling. Qualitative Sampling Methodology Palese, et al.

This study meets the criteria for purposeful sampling.

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Critique of Sampling Methodology Quantitative Critique of Sampling Methodology The convenience sampling that was used in recruiting all male patients who were on blood pressure medications is a glaring bias in this study.

There was no information provided addressing why the patients were presenting to the clinic. There are many interventions that can raise blood pressure. For example, the study conducted by Marshall, Anantharachagan, Choudhary, Chue and Kaurhis, investigated the effect of situational anxiety on blood pressure experienced in anticipation of a blood test.

The researchers addressed known influential factors verbally, but not all factors were controlled during the experiment. For example, time of day, the white coat effect along with respirations and heart rate were not addressed in the results. Qualitative Critique of Sampling Methodology Based upon information provided this study was appropriate conducted as a purposeful sampling but, this study also appears to meet the criteria for convenience sampling.

Assignment 5 significance of the study essay

There may have been more information provided if the study was expanded beyond 21 participants and occurred at more than one facility. The researchers did not indicate if saturation had occurred and in light of 21 participants this is not surprising.

The experiences of the 21 participants were adequately described and their personal experiences were documented. Verbal consent was obtained; informed consent does not appear to have been obtained. Confidentiality and privacy rules were not addressed.

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The study consisted entirely of males and the rationale for the exclusion of females was not addressed. There are also ethical concerns when you involve a specific group veterans who are dependent upon a certain facility for healthcare.

Because of this dependence the participants may have felt coerced to participate. Qualitative Ethical Considerations Palese, et. Approval for the study was obtained from a university research headquarters and all involved departments.

Informed consent was obtained for the first contact and was reevaluated throughout the process. The quantitative research performed by Foster-Fitzpatrick et. They limited their study when they focused on males with known hypertension that was currently being controlled by medication.

For a quantitative study the Foster-Fitzpatrick et. At first look, I connected with the quantitative study on a professional level. I initially thought this was good research that would apply to my practice of nursing.

After critiquing this study I was surprised and disappointed, but it was a good lesson learned. The qualitative research performed by Palese, et. Their sample size was small, but the reported experiences were rich with information.

The qualitative study was esoteric and loosely organized. This is what qualitative study is about. Qualitative researchers study things in their natural settings, attempting to make sense of, or to interpret, phenomena in terms of the meanings people bring to them.The study of the knowledge, attitude and practice on premarital sex of senior high school students in a certain national high school in Iloilo can serve as a learning paradigm to teachers, guidance counselors, school administrators, health educators, parents and the students themselves to enhance their insight and for their ceaseless quest for knowledge.


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Critique Of A Research Article Nursing Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: (5%) Significance of study’s findings relating to evidence-based practice not stated. Relevant guidelines for critical reviews developed and attached to assignment (5%) x.

No guidelines developed for critical reviews.

Assignment 5 significance of the study essay

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The research conducted by Foster-Fitzpatrick, Ortiz, Sibilano, Marcantonio and Braun () is a quantitative study of the significance of crossing the legs while blood pressure is being measured.

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