A description of so much to live for place in columbus

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A description of so much to live for place in columbus

Originally Posted by guerrerj I can't believe how many people are defending Indiana in this thread, as it CAN be a very depressing place to live. Other than sports, religion, politics, alcohol, concerts, and country life, there's hardly much of anything else in Indiana that would give people's lives any meaning.

A description of so much to live for place in columbus

And if your personal interest do not fit any of those, you'll often times find yourself out of luck and with Netflix alone at your disposal. And that kind of situation will drain you psychologically over time.

Simply put- life in Indiana can be pretty monotonous. I'm a visual artist and have found the art scene in Indiana to be pretty lame. Outside of Herron School of Art and Design, most art in Indiana is limited to the standards of traditionalist Midwestern country themes.

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And the overall atmosphere of Indiana is so plain and simple, I hardly find it inspiring as compared to where I'm from.

Originally Posted by guerrerj Another thing that throws some of us off about Hoosier society is the personality of the average Hoosier. They tend to be rather anti-social and reserved; they're generally well-mannered but not nearly as friendly as many people say.

They're just superficially polite and they tend to limit their communication with people outside of their social circles to small talk.

They also seem to be very uncomfortable with anybody who is openly expressive about their emotions, as Hoosiers themselves tend to be emotionally repressed. Simply put- creating intimate connections with others in Indiana is not easy and you can end up alone and feeling lonely far more than you would like.

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This can make dating life in Indiana to be particularly frustrating for some of us and can lead to depression over time. I've definitely noticed a communication apprehension in people in Indiana that I have not noticed in most international employees I've worked with and gone to school with.

They've seemed far more open when communicating with people they know for the first time than Hoosiers do. In fact, many of my foreign friends tell me that they don't have American friends because they find that other international people embrace them more, especially when they're still in the process of learning English.

About the dating thing- I've noticed that women in Indy who are foreigners tend to be much warmer and accepting of me when it comes to dating or platonic relationships. I've felt much more accepted as a whole by them than by Indiana natives, whose way of showing interest in you tends to be sending off indirect body language signals that can be pesky and confusing at the same time.

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And they get mad at you if you can't figure their signals out. I wonder why they think that such a way of communicating inspires true love and trust. Originally Posted by guerrerj There's also the issue of discrimination to repressed groups of people to consider.

Sure, there's Bloomington [which, by the way, seems to be the only place in Indiana to have some kind of life outside of the traditional boundaries of Hoosier ife], but if you live in Indianapolis, you'll be spending two hours going to and from Indy just to get to Bloomington.

Every other area at about a mile radius of Indianapolis is same-ol' same-ol' Indiana. AND Bloomington is a very small city anyways. It's unfortunate that nobody who has made any reply to your post has even acknowledged how much of an issue safety is for transgender people in Indiana, and that your grievances about life in Indiana, the trans-related and the others, are valid and not at all uncommon.

I'm not even from here but I've lived here for a long time and I know where you're coming from because many of my friends from the youth collective I'm a part of have talked about the same struggles you're talking about here.

Originally Posted by guerrerj In my opinion, and in conclusion, Indiana is just not for everyone.Substance Abuse Program Description - Use our treatment facility locator to find Best rehab centers!

Sperling's Comfort Index for Columbus is a 49 out of A higher score indicates a more comfortable year-round climate.

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I had long ago reached that level of consciousness when two years ago, the city of Evanston voted to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day in place of Columbus Day and so I went to many of the day’s events.

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